vmarketingsite Lavender Scented Dog Poop Bags with Tie Handles
vmarketingsite Lavender Scented Dog Poop Bags with Tie Handles
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vmarketingsite scented dog poop bags come in a dispenser box of 200 bags. The lavender scented dog poop bags with tie handles is ideal to make pet wastedisposal convenient and sanitary. Pick it up, flip it, tie handles and toss it. That's all you have to do with the dog waste. Bigger, thicker, tougher, the poop bag is what you need when you walk your dog in your neighborhood and parks. Totally leak-proof, you don't have to worry about dog poop getting on your hands. Black dog bags you will always like to have on hand as part of your pet supplies.

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  1. Black Dog Poop Bags With Tie Handles. These bags are study and come with tie handles. Unlike the bags that are in rolls, the tie handles are a must, because without them it would be a huge mess. The handles on the pickup dog poop bags make all the difference, especially when you're dealing with giant dogs who leave giant messes.
  2. Fits Outdoor Waste Stations Found In Parks. Walking the dog in the park is fun. The vmarketingsite dog poop bag is an excellent way to dispose the dog waste in a convenient and sanitary way. Spend quality time with your dog while in the park.
  3. Size 15.5+12*35cm 17mic,2.67g/pc. These bags are strong and just the right size, suitable even for a larger dog. As well, these bags are long and thick enough to do the trick.
  4. Dog Waste Bags Are Lavender-Scented. These dog bags are pleasantly scented to mask the odor of the dog waste. No concern about the odor in the trash as the bags are lavender scented. Box Conveniently
  5. Dispenses One Bag At A Time. The dog poop bag easily comes out one by one from the dispenser box.

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