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From: Derek Gehl

The Internet Marketing Center

Wednesday -- 11:38 AM

Dear Website Owner,

If your website isn't sitting at the top of the search engines, you're letting thousands of dollars worth of potential sales slip right through your fingers... it's that simple.

Here's why:

Over 40% of web users only look at the first page of their search results (the top 10 websites listed)...

So if YOUR business isn't listed on the first page, you're losing TONS of sales to your competitors who are!

But the good news is this:

Scoring a top ranking -- and keeping it -- is a lot easier than you may think...

IF you know the right step-by-step strategies!

You may think it's hard to believe, and I can understand why. SEO companies make a mint convincing people that scoring a top ranking is harder than it really is...

The truth is you DON'T have to be a programming whiz or an Internet marketing master to drive TONS of free, targeted traffic to your website from the search engines.

Using the right combination of simple SEO strategies can get you sky high search engine rankings for a lot less effort than you may think!

And here's proof...

Website Owners Just Like YOU Who

Skyrocketed From Zero To Top 5 Ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN:

FINALLY!! A 1-2-3 Blueprint That

Website Owners Like YOU Can Follow

To Master The Search Engines...

To help website owners like YOU skyrocket themselves to a top 10 ranking in the major search engines, I've created my one-of-a-kind Search Marketing Lab...

A private Members-Only website for Internet entrepreneurs like YOU who want to skyrocket their websites to the top of the search engines...

WITHOUT have to shell out for expensive SEO companies and consultants!

As a Search Marketing Lab member, you'll be privy to ALL of the latest SEO developments, tips, and tactics that my experts spend hundreds of hours per month to discover and test out on my own suite of websites....

You'll receive unfair SEO advantages like:

bullet1 Four Step-by-Step "Quick Start" Video Tutorials... complete with detailed examples of how we've optimized my own websites! In these easy-to-follow videos, you'll learn the basics of how to build a solid SEO foundation for your online business.
bullet1 UNLIMITED ACCESS to my exclusive Secret Search Engine Forum... where you'll receive personal, hands-on coaching from my SEO experts on how to attract floods of targeted traffic to your Internet business!

Our Monthly SEO Newsletter, Containing Detailed, Cutting Edge SEO Updates each and every month keeping you up-to-date on the latest changes in how the search engines are ranking websites... research that would take you HOURS to uncover and compile on your own... along with detailed action plan of how to make these changes work for YOUR online business.

bullet1 And this barely scratches the surface!!

As a Search Marketing Lab member, you'll get ALL of my most powerful, step-by-step SEO strategies that thousands of website owners just like YOU have already used to score a top 10 positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN...

And drive SWARMS of targeted, credit-card-in-hand buyers to their websites!

These are SEO success secrets that we don't reveal to ANYONE outside of our Search Marketing Lab members...

This includes the exclusive, brand-new tips, strategies, and techniques we learn at high-priced SEO industry conferences we attend around the world.

For example:

One of my SEO experts recently returned from the world famous 'Search Engine Strategies Conference' in London, England.

I knew it had cost me a pile of money to send her to this conference, but I didn't realize just how much until I sat down the other day and calculated everything...

This cutting-edge SEO conference in London cost me:

bullet1 $1,565.00 just for my expert to walk through the front door...
bullet1 PLUS, $1,100.00 in round-trip airfare to London and back...
bullet1 PLUS, $525.00 for two nights of London hotel costs...
bullet1 PLUS, $215.00 on food and restaurants...
bullet1 PLUS, $225.00 on drinks shmoozing and picking the brains of other world-famous SEO experts...
GRAND TOTAL: $3,630.00 !!!

And this is just ONE of the 10-12 SEO conferences my Search Marketing Lab experts attend every year!

... But if you're as serious about scoring a top 10 ranking as I am, it's well worth the money!

And now YOU can get the benefit of ALL of this priceless insider information, without having to spend the time and cover the enormous cost of attending these sold-out SEO conferences yourself.

Here's the bottom line:


You'll be among the very first to know when search engines change their ranking criteria, so you'll be able to squash your competitors in the rankings and leave them wondering how you did it.


You won't have to spend tens of THOUSANDS each year and take 3 or 4 days out of your life to fly to high-priced SEO conferences -- thanks to our detailed reports, it will be as if you were right there in the front row.


You won't have to spend 8 hours a day testing new strategies and wasting your time and money figuring out the ones that don't work through trial and error.

We do it all for you.

Here's A Sneak Peek Of EXACTLY

What You'll Get As A Member Of My

Search Marketing Lab:

When you first log into our Private Site, we take you by the hand and guide you through every step of how to build a tidal wave of free, targeted traffic to your website.

Every month, I'll share with you the latest, most advanced strategies for scoring a top 10 position in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

(And these are SEO tactics so fresh that your competitors probably haven't even heard of them yet!)

And to sure you'll be able to implement these advanced techniques effectively, we'll first walk you through how to build a solid SEO foundation for your online business.

In four step-by-step strategic video tutorials -- complete with detailed examples of how we've optimized my own websites -- we'll show you...

Tutorial #1: Understanding the Search Engines


Learn how to consistently drive THOUSANDS of highly targeted visitors to your website every day -- without paying ONE CENT for advertising.


The simple steps every SEO beginner must take to get a #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo, or MSN (miss one of these, and you won't go anywhere in the search engine rankings).

Tutorial #2: Wordtracker and Yahoo Search Marketing Basics


Discover the fool-proof Internet marketing tool no one who is serious about making money online can do without.
bullet1 Learn EXACTLY how to home in on targeted keywords that will dramatically increase your traffic AND your conversion rate (i.e. the percentage of visitors who subscribe to your list or buy from you).


How to identify keywords will bring you SWARMS of hungry cash-in-hand customers... and which will only bring "window shoppers" who aren't ready or willing to buy from you.

Tutorial #3: Building Search Engine Spider-Friendly Web Pages


7 CRUCIAL tools that make optimizing your website for high search engine rankings feel like a cakewalk in the park -- even if you're an absolute beginner to search engine optimization.
bullet1 The specific keyword "hot spots" on your website where you absolutely MUST place your keywords. Mess this up, and all of your efforts are flushed down the toilet.


How to avoid the dangerous SEO mistakes that will instantly get your website banned from all the major search engines -- most likely for good.

Tutorial #4: How To Drive The Search Engine Spiders To Your Website


The little-known secrets to fast tracking the process of getting ranked -- instead of waiting around for the search engines find you (which can take anywhere from 6-12 months).
bullet1 A virtually foolproof way to get almost any high-ranking website to give you a one-way link to your website -- this technique is a POWERFUL shortcut to getting a high ranking in very little time.

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

In these step-by-step strategic video tutorials... that you'll be able to go back and access again at any time... my experts will walk you through EACH AND EVERY DETAIL you must know if you want to master the search engines.

Heck, even a 10-year old kid could get this right because there's zero guesswork.

We'll also show you EXACTLY how to...

bullet1 Consistently keep your #1 ranking, no matter what tricks your competition tries to pull.

(If you don't keep up to date with the newest search engine strategies we show you each month, your website will quickly slip off the radar, back into anonymity.)
bullet1 How to ethically "spy" on other top ranked sites and "steal" all of the exact strategies their using to consistently squash their competition (you) and keep a high ranking.

(Don't worry... as soon as you put my strategies into action, it will be your turn to do the squashing.)
bullet1 The "free services" you may come across that you should avoid at all costs.

These so-called "helpful tools" will only hurt your search engine ranking... and force you to keep shelling out unnecessary cash to pay for advertising.


An in-depth action plan walking you through how to use most powerful (and easy-to-use) tool you should get your hands on...

... IF you want to jam your site with THOUSANDS of targeted visitors every day, that is.

... Plus much, MUCH more!

This knowledge alone can make a dramatic difference in your sales -- but it's just the beginning of what you'll discover inside the Search Marketing Lab.

"How To Attract 15,650 Visitors to Your Website

In 30 Days With #1 Rankings In Google!"

Product Review: Subscription to Derek Gehl's private "Search Engine Marketing Lab."

Did you know that it's still possible to attract 1,000s of qualified buyers to your website every month (i.e. FREE traffic!) using the organic search engines?

It's true... And Derek Gehl has proven it with his recently released "Search Engine Marketing Lab."

To help you get #1 and #2 rankings in the "Big 3" search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) WITHOUT spending $1,000s on SEO experts or wasting 200+ hours a month reading SEO newsletters...

... Derek is giving you access to the exact same SEO strategies he pays over $13,750 per month to learn.

As a member of Derek's Search Engine Marketing Lab, you will first be run through his "SEO Bootcamp for Beginners" where you'll be shown, step-by-step, how to apply all the basic SEO strategies to your websites.

No technical mumbo jumbo or fluff filler here. Derek and his team have designed his portion of program for the absolute NEWBIE, so you'll know exactly how to best prepare your website for the search engines.

Then, every month you'll receive Derek's hard-hitting "Search Marketing Lab Report ", a 7-10 page newsletter that gives them a concise overview of the latest advanced SEO strategies that are working TODAY...

... Straight out of Derek's own personal testing labs!

So there's no guesswork and no wasting time reading HUNDREDS of SEO newsletters, trying to figure out what changes you need to make to keep or improve your top search engine listings!

And finally, you ALSO get a complementary membership to Derek's SEO Discussion Forum -- where you can ask his team of experts unlimited questions about your SEO campaigns.

All this for a ridiculously low monthly membership fee that makes the $1,000s per month that *other* SEO experts charge for this level of personalized assistance and expertise seem even more outrageous!

I give Derek's brand-new "Search Engine Marketing Lab" my very highest recommendation. The monthly newsletter is invaluable... and I can't believe the quality of information his team is giving away EVERY DAY in his private discussion forum.

To check it out for yourself, click here now!

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