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<h1>Top Product Lines: Toshiba - Qosmio�, Satellite�, Tecra� and Port�g�</h1>

Top Product Lines: Toshiba - Qosmio�, Satellite�, Tecra� and Port�g�

Toshiba - Toshibadirect.comQosmio�
The ultimate 4-in-1 portable home entertainment center, the Qosmio� G35 lets you enjoy movies, music, TV games, and PC functionality in one stunningly cool notebook. Equipped with the latest Intel� Centrino� Duo Mobile Technology, Qosmio G35 meets the demands of multimedia users who want to watch DVDs, play games, download files and more�at the same time, at peak performance.

With the enhanced QosmioPlayer�, you won�t miss a thing. Need a snack break? Record and pause a live TV show, so you can watch it at a later, more convenient time. You can even go back and play the recorded show from the beginning�even while it�s still recording. With just a touch of a button, the QosmioPlayer� also lets you bypass the Windows� operating system and play the CD, DVD, or live TV you want, the instant you want it.

Toshiba - Toshibadirect.comSatellite�
Cool new technologies to launch your productivity. Take advantage of superior mobility, power and performance, without taking a hit to your budget. Notebooks from the Satellite� line come fully loaded with sophisticated features, including optional wireless connectivity, a super-cool and super-portable design, thrilling multimedia capabilities, turbo-charged processors and massive storage. A cost-effective replacement for desktops, the Satellite series lets you work and play without wires, and with perfect ease.

Toshiba - Toshibadirect.comTecra�
Tecra power notebooks. No power tie required. The corporate world�s first choice in mobile computing, the Toshiba Tecra� line delivers extreme performance and stability. But the Tecra series� big power isn�t just for big business. Whether you�re a large company or a small-to-medium business, you�ll perform faster and better, no matter where you are, with the Tecra line�s exceptional mobility and wireless connectivity. And with its elegant design, you�ll look good in the process � business suit or not.

Toshiba - Toshibadirect.comPort�g�
Toshiba technology � you can take it with you. Ultra-portable, ultra-powerful, a Toshiba Port�g� notebook is the must-have weapon for the true road warrior. Sleekly designed with a stunning magnesium casing and intelligent ergonomics, the Port�g� line strikes the perfect balance between form and function, creativity and productivity. Breakthrough mobile performance includes wireless connectivity to keep you connected while on the go.

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