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� 30GB capacity Keep 7,500 songs (MP3 format) or 25,000 photos at your fingertips, or even 100 hours of video.

� Photo and video compatible Sometimes you want more than music to entertain you; the Zune delivers both photo and video options.

� Hard drive storage format Integrated hard drive provides massive amounts of memory for the least amount of money.

� 3" portrait or landscape video screen Unusual 3" video screen goes from portrait to landscape mode as you turn your Zune;

You always see the best picture possible.

� Extensive file format compatibility Advanced software lets you import most music, photos and videos with ease.

� FM tuner Catch the Top 40, stay up to date with your favorite sports teams, and make sure the weather doesn't take you by surprise.

� Online music store Browse the huge selection of music in the Zune Marketplace designed to work flawlessly with your Zune.

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