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Mailloop | email marketing software, email marketing solutions

Mailloop is the leading email marketing software on the market � get your email marketing solution today

Imagine, just for a minute...

"It's 90 days from now, and your sales have increased by 242%... you've made $80,000

from a SINGLE e-mail campaign... and best of

all, you're working LESS than ever before!"*

Sound crazy, or impossible?

... Then keep reading to learn how real people

are already getting these results, using my

FREE MONEY e-mail system..."*

From: Derek Gehl

Tuesday, 11:24 a.m.

Dear Friend,

If you're someone who can appreciate the value of a guaranteed return on the time and money you invest -- and you're excited by the prospect of making, say, $300 for every $1 you put into your business...

... Then I invite you to keep reading!

Because on the following page, I'm going to lead you step by step through 5 simple business automation strategies that will allow you to WORK LESS (save anywhere from 4 to 25 hours per week)...

.... And make MORE MONEY this year (from $12,000.00 to $200,000.00 or more depending in your particular business and situation) than ever before.*

I'm not only going to show you ...

How we've made over $3.5 MILLION in online sales in the last 365 days* using these exact e-mail marketing techniques and tools...

... and case studies of REAL PEOPLE who increased their incomes by 242%... $80,000... even $200,000* using these strategies...

... By popular demand, I've also decided to share my FREE MONEY system.

You may be astonished to learn that -- right now -- I have students all around the world quietly using my FREE MONEY system to rake in $1,000s every day, with zero effort.

But first, before we get into all that, let's talk about why your income, today, is a small fraction of what it COULD be...

With psychic powers I can predict why

your income today is LESS than it could be...

(Hint: You're wasting time on CHORES!)

Not too long ago, I completed my annual survey of my customers and subscribers... (I highly recommend that you do this at least once a year, too!)

And as part of this survey, I asked the important question, "What's the BIGGEST challenge you're currently facing with your Internet business?"

The answer I got loud and clear, after reviewing thousand of replies, was "e-mail."

A whopping 74% of the people I surveyed told me these FOUR e-mail chores are wasting any where from 15 to 40+ hours of their time every week (OR, they're not getting done at all, because they're "too hard"!):

Chore #1:

Sending e-mail campaigns and newsletters!

Over 25% of people surveyed told me that preparing and sending their e-mail campaigns and newsletters was their biggest challenge -- they didn't even know where to start!

Chore #2:

Replying to HUNDREDS of e-mails, filled with questions from potential buyers!

Another 23% told me that answering 100s of e-mails EVERY DAY was a HUGE time suck -- their biggest daily chore.

Chore #3:

Sending "customer service" e-mails to NEW customers and subscribers!

15% told me that sending follow-up e-mails to new customers and subscribers, to "welcome" them to their subscriber list, deliver product, and answer questions, was eating up many more hours each day.

Chore #4:

Keeping your e-mail list "clean" -- to prevent spam complaints!

And 11% told me that managing their e-mail lists, adding new subscribers, unsubscribing old subscribers, and managing their list quality by removing bounce backs, duplicate names, etc. to prevent spam complaints was frustrating and difficult to manage.

Clearly, there is a problem here:

While roughly 70-80% of people now view e-mail as a cost-effective and profitable way to promote their businesses (e-mail is FREE!)...

... And while most people no longer FEAR being labeled as a spammer like they did three years ago -- because most people now understand the concept of "opt-in" e-mail (i.e. Only e-mail people who have given you permission to contact them!)...

... Very few people are profiting from e-mail marketing like they COULD be -- because they're not using the business automation tools now available.

Like my survey showed, most people get caught in the vicious cycle of doing the same repetitive e-mail chores, over and over again.

Are YOU already stuck in this trap?

If you're like most Internet business owners I speak with, you may ALREADY be caught in this income-killing trap.

Here's how the story usually goes:

You start a business with good intentions, prepared to put in a little "elbow grease" in the early days so that you can bank more profits.

You answer every e-mail yourself, to guarantee a personal touch, manually look after adding new people to your subscriber list, and more.

You do a few simple e-mail campaigns... maybe you even write a newsletter or two... and you experience some success. You're excited and proud to see those first $2,000-$5,000 in sales deposit into your bank account.

But then (unexpectedly) your success begins to snowball FASTER than you planned -- and you find yourself working 4... 5... 6 hours a day, just answering e-mail and managing your opt-in list.

It all happens so quickly, your plans to automate are set aside (how will you find the time?), and your ideas for OTHER marketing campaigns aren't getting done, either.

What's happened???

Despite good intentions, you've found yourself in the VERY COMMON trap of running your business, unable to focus on GROWING it.

Your income and profits begin to level off (maybe your income even DROPS a bit), and you're disappointed to find this online business -- which was supposed to give you MORE free time -- has turned into a mind-numbing job.

How I beat this problem to make

$3.5 Million last year with e-mail marketing...

... And how 100s of regular people have

followed my lead to earn $35,000.00... $80,000.00... $200,000.00 per year or more:

Clearly, the best way to avoid limiting your income and growth is to automate your e-mail EARLY in the development of your business.

Last year, I was able to generate over $3.5 MILLION with e-mail marketing because I used a powerful tool called "Mailloop" to automate many of these time-consuming chores.

And I can show you tons of examples of "regular people" who are now earning $100,000... $200,000... $500,000+ per year RIGHT NOW using e-mail marketing -- because they were smart and automated their e-mail chores using Mailloop early in their businesses, too!

We finally got so fed up, we decided to build it ourselves! It took 9 long months -- and it cost over $173,000 -- but now you can...

Discover how YOU can profit wildly
from the
SAME tools and features we use to make over $2.4 million every year from email alone...*

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REVIEW: If you run a small or home-based online business, this product

could save you HUNDREDS of hours -- and

make you thousands of dollars!

size=3>Review: face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=3> color=#ff0000>Mailloop 6.0 -- Business Automation Software

size=2> width="155" height="191" align="right">Now
that I've been using the new Mailloop 6.0 software for a
couple of weeks, I thought I should share some of my impressions with everyone
about whether or not it lives up to the promises that Corey Rudl makes
about it on his web site.

it really be that easy to use?
Would it really
simplify my business and save me time? Would it really
help me make more money? I was determined
to find out!

first thing that impressed me was how easy the program was to install
and set up. Since I'm no computer genius, I am always relieved when things
work right the first time! And once I started actually
using the program, I have to say that I was blown away
at how simple everything is. (There are even about 10 different "Wizards"
that walk you through the more technical areas of getting things set up.)

feature I was most excited about was the unlimited sequential autoresponders,
so I decided to set those up first. Now, I always expect a few glitches
as I'm learning to use a new program, but Mailloop 6.0 made
the whole process completely "goof-proof."
I was thrilled when I tested out my first autoresponder... and discovered that
it worked perfectly!

I already mention that you get unlimited series of
My biggest complaint about most online autoresponder services is that
you pay $20 or $30 a month, and you only get to set up ONE autoresponder
series. With Mailloop 6.0, you could literally have thousands
of different autoresponders set up for your business.)

was equally amazed at how easily I could import my existing lists into
the program and start working with them immediately.
And Mailloop 6.0 lets you store up to 25 pieces of information
about every person on your list in the built-in database, meaning that
you can add an amazing levels of personalization and customization to
your e-mail promotions. I could go on and on, but...

the bottom line:
This software does absolutely everything it
claims to -- and much more! It takes care of subscribe/unsubscribe requests,
it automatically replies to your customers and answers
their questions for you, it lets you store TONS of data about
everyone on your mailing list, and (best of all) it lets you set up unlimited
series of autoresponders!

I started using Mailloop 6.0, it has saved me about 90 minutes of boring
e-mail-related work every day. I give this product my absolute
highest recommendation.


to read a more detailed report on
how Mailloop
6.0 works, and how it can help you automate YOUR business!

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