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512 MB Digital Jukebox Ditty MP3/WMA Player
The Dell�� 512 MB Digital Jukebox Ditty� MP3/WMA Player promises the ease of use and value of the original DJ with an enhanced form factor and capacity options. Weighing just 1.29 Oz, the Dell�� DJ Ditty� delivers high-quality, flash based audio. The sleek ultra-portable Digital Jukebox with 512 MB capacity lets you carry up to 220 songs at any given time and offers up to 14 hours of battery life to play them. It boasts of an easy-to-read 1.02 x 0.43-inch display with 96x32 dot matrix resolution. In addition to supporting the WMA audio format, the multifunctional music player plays high-fidelity MP3 audio files. Along with an integrated FM Tuner the device also includes Music Match 10.1 software, earbuds and extra caps.
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