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From Derek Gehl

Internet Wealth Expert & eBay PowerSeller

Tuesday -- 11:02 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I'm willing to bet that you've heard about eBay, the world's BIGGEST Internet auction website.

And you've probably also heard some of the crazy stories about people making a fortune selling some very strange things on eBay.

How strange? Check this out:

A piece of gum chewed by Britney Spears: SOLD -- $263
A plain, glazed donut: SOLD -- $5,100
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson's baseball bat: SOLD -- $577,610
10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich: SOLD -- $28,000
A billiard ball from Elvis Presley's pool table: SOLD -- $1,700

But as incredible as these examples seem, there's actually something even MORE amazing that happens on eBay... and it's going on every single day!

I'm talking about "regular people" -- folks just like you -- who are getting filthy rich selling ordinary, everyday items... usually from the comfort of their own kitchen tables or spare bedrooms.

There are people getting rich selling wristwatches... others are making their fortunes selling picture frames... still others are raking in the cash by selling guitar strings. Women's shoes. Used DVDs. Portable camping showers.

The list goes on and on!

And I'm *not* talking about people making a few extra dollars either...

I'm talking about people who have "cornered" a particular niche market on eBay -- and are making hundreds of thousands (and often millions) of dollars per year.

"How To Easily Claim YOUR Share Of The $86,000,000 Spent On eBay... Every Day!"

I should mention that one of the BEST things about making money on eBay is that you don't need ANY experience designing websites... you don't need to know anything about HTML... you don't even need to spend a single penny to list your first auction.

(One of the reasons eBay is so POPULAR is that they've made it so easy for anyone to BUY or SELL products through their site!)

You see, eBay is a dream come true for ANYONE who's interested in making money online because:

More than 2 MILLION people visit eBay every single day -- searching for products to buy! (eBay is -- by far -- the busiest and most visited e-commerce site on the entire Internet. More than 33% of ALL Internet users in the U.S. visit eBay.)

People spend an average of 1 hour and 47 minutes shopping on eBay every time they visit! (And they've got cash to spend -- 72% of eBay users make more than $50,000 per year.)

eBay currently has over 244 MILLION members! And eBay continues to grow at an astounding pace -- they're adding thousands of new members every single day.)

People spend a TON of money on eBay... over $2,000 in sales every second to be exact! That adds up to $86,000,000 spent on eBay every single day of the year!)

The bottom line is this:

When you sell products on eBay, you get instant access to a HUGE group of people who are already sitting in front of their computers... with their wallets open and their credit cards in hand.


These 3 Rich eBay Sellers Told Me

Something That SHOCKED Me:

Making A TON Of CASH On eBay

Really Isn't Rocket Science!"

It's almost impossible to find eBay sellers willing to divulge their most lucrative secrets to eBay riches.

Most of them aren't the type to seek out the spotlight.

Most of the time, they're perfectly happy to "fly under the radar"... all the while building some of the most wildly successful businesses in the history of eBay!

And even if you COULD find them, you'd be hard-pressed to get them to pull back the curtains on their eBay businesses.

(They don't want to tell YOU their selling secrets and lose their competitive advantage!)

But thanks to a twist of fate, I've managed to entice not one, not two, but THREE top eBay "PowerSellers" to come onto my staff...

And reveal the EXACT selling strategies they're using to deposit $3,470... $5,520... even $17,825 into their bank accounts EVERY WEEK like clockwork from eBay.

And let me repeat that these aren't just any ordinary eBay sellers.

These are eBay "POWERSELLERS"...

Being an eBay PowerSeller myself, I know eBay only grants this status to a few high-profit sellers who consistently move MASSIVE amounts of products on eBay each and every month.

(You can find me on eBay under my company name: The Internet Marketing Center.)

The PowerSellers I managed to entice to join my staff list literally 1,000s of items on eBay every single month, and they consistently pull in TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in eBay sales. (Believe me, I had my accountant check!)

Here's something else you need to know...

Unlike so many of the so-called eBay "success stories" -- the income these PowerSellers make does NOT come from selling super high-priced items on eBay -- like cars or satellites. (It's EASY to say you're making a MILLION DOLLARS if you're selling cars on eBay!)

And unlike many of those SAME "success stories" -- they do NOT sell just one or two types of specialty products (like antique clocks or computers!).

These eBayers started their own eBay businesses in their basements, kitchens, or around their coffee tables -- with NO help, advice, or start-up capital.

... And they spent the first few years testing like crazy, working long days and late nights, and learning the best, most profitable ways to sell on eBay by "trial and error."

They tested selling almost every product imaginable -- from kids' toys, shoes, and electronics to tools and tupperware -- until they gained an expert understanding of which products are in HIGH DEMAND on eBay and why... and which aren't!

PLUS, even better, these eBay experts have tested HUNDREDS of different auction listing formats (i.e. different eBay ads) until they'd developed a master formula for writing auction listings that attract TONS of qualified bids and even start bidding WARS -- for almost every product they sell!

... As you can imagine, with all this testing, these PowerSellers have had some EXTREMELY profitable successes... as well as some costly, dismal failures!

"Why These eBay Moguls Are Practically

*Giving Away* Their Blueprints

To eBay Riches..."

(HINT: They're NOT Crazy Or on Drugs.)

Finding these PowerSellers and persuading them to join my staff and share their step-by-step systems for making BIG money on eBay with my mentoring clients was NOT easy.

(I hope you'll understand that I want to keep exactly how I found them private to protect my business from my competitors.)

But let's just say that once I DID find them, it took me six months of conference calls, plane trips, and negotiations to convince them to come on board!

Quite frankly, these sellers are so busy making MOUNTAINS of cash on eBay, they were concerned about "getting distracted."

So to persuade them to share their secrets, I had to swear I'd do all the 'heavy lifting' -- and pay them HEFTY consulting fees (let's just say TENS of thousands of dollars).

... They just had to provide the "insider knowledge" that you can only get through YEARS of testing and research on eBay -- and I would do everything else!

However, even with those promises, these sellers were still a bit nervous.

See, one of the reasons you don't hear from "REAL" eBay success stories like these sellers is because they're worried about people like YOU stealing their business.

So I had to make them one more promise.

They agreed to share every last tip, strategy, and secret they know for locating HOT PRODUCTS to sell on eBay... buying tons of stock CHEAP from suppliers so you can flip it for huge profits... and writing eBay ads that attract tons of bids...

... And I *swore* on a stack of bibles I would never reveal their SPECIFIC suppliers (though they WILL tell you the types of products they sell and how to find and negotiate deals with suppliers of your own!).

I'm sure you'll agree this is more than reasonable, since giving away the names of their suppliers would be like giving away the RIGHTS to their eBay businesses!

Since then, they've helped over 1,254 regular, everyday folks just like you start and grow their very own WILDLY PROFITABLE eBay businesses.

They've seen it all.

They've done it all.

They've sold it all.

And now I'm going to show YOU their top secret short cuts for making a KILLING on eBay!

"After 4 months, I've already sold

$6,000 worth of products!"

"For the past five years, I have had many great ideas about how I was going to make my money either through a website or on eBay.

But there always seemed to be some stumbling block that made me lose my motivation.

When I came across your eBay course, I knew it would help me overcome those initial hurdles and set me on my way.

Before, I was already on eBay selling random items here and there and buying stuff I wanted. But now, I have an eBay Store up and running, and I am amazed at how things are starting to move!

After just four months following your program, I've already sold $6,000 worth of products!

I still have a lot too learn, but I'm excited by my results so far, and my success has given me the confidence to keep moving forward.

You may be questioning the value of a program like this but for me, the answer is easy: I am now on my way to financial independence, and without this program I would still be full of great ideas but with nothing to show for them.

Investing in this course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks IMC, this program is fantastic!"

-- Paul McCulloch

Queensland, Australia

"I reached PowerSeller status AND

over $2,000 per month in sales...

... In just 3 months!"

"Before receiving your course, I had dabbled in eBay. I'd bought a few bits and bobs, and sold a few items, but I wanted more success -- I just had no idea where to start.

I always had heaps of questions about eBay and often there were no answers for me. I just didn't know what to do next!

But after starting your program, I reached PowerSeller status and hit over $2,000 per month in sales in just 3 months!

My eBay sales have since tripled, and I have 100% positive feedback.

I am really excited and very proud of what I achieved. IMC has guided me to PowerSeller status, given me knowledge of how to research and source my products, and open my own eBay Store.

I know I'll continue to achieve greater heights with my eBay business using the techniques I've learned and continue to learn with all the fantastic information I have been given."

-- Sue Roberts

Adelaide, Australia

"Within our first week, we sold

over $1,000 in pet products!"

In one month, we've gone from not having any real idea of how to sell on eBay, to knowing how to research our market, decide what are the best products to sell, and at what price...

And most of all - how to close the sale!

In fact, within our first week, we made sales of over $1,000 in pet products!

We have made an incredible amount of progress. We're now entering into deals with suppliers and drop shippers with ease.

We are thrilled with our progress!

The Internet Marketing Center has taken us from no presence on the Internet to having our own eBay Store. We cannot say enough about how great the experience has been, and it's FUN!"

-- Dan & Christine Millar

Bracebridge, Ontario

"5 Easy Steps ANYONE Can Follow To

Start Making BIG Money On eBay... Today!"

"The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" step-by-step system contains literally EVERYTHING you need to start making serious money on eBay TODAY.

And when I say TODAY... I mean it!

The first thing you'll learn is how to make a tidy profit on your very first auction -- which you can have up and running in a few hours or less.

Like I've already said, making money on eBay is extremely easy -- even if you've NEVER tried it before.

All you have to do is:

Step 1:

Open a FREE eBay account. (Takes less than 5 minutes and costs you nothing.)

Step 2:

Decide what you're going to sell. (Start with the old stuff in your closets or basement!)

Step 3:

Take a picture of your item. (Make sure the lighting is good!)

Step 4:

Put your item up for auction. (It takes about 10 minutes for a 'rookie' to create a listing!)

Step 5:

Watch the bids -- then collect payment! (This part is FUN... You watch people fight over your item, then collect money from the highest bidder!)

And it really IS that easy!

It's a great way to "get your feet wet" at this whole eBay game, AND make a nice little profit while you're doing it.

"Now, Let's Get Down To Business!

Here's How To Skip The Learning Curve And

SHORT CUT Your Way To Making Seriously

B-I-G Money ($45,000+) In Your


So... The good news is that you've just discovered how EASY it is to list an item on eBay.

But here's a startling piece of information that I should also share with you:

The MAJORITY (54%) of all items listed on eBay receive no bids at all!

And that's why the 'eBay Millionaire' System is so crucial to YOUR success.

Here's why:

You not only learn the technical basics of how to list items on eBay...

... You also get exclusive 'insider' information from a team of eBay experts who have listed well over 250,000 auctions on eBay.

So you'll know exactly how to create a bidding frenzy on every item you put up for auction -- and practically GUARANTEE you make a profit every single time!

You'll learn:

How to get started TODAY with zero cost -- no inventory, no product costs, no overhead, no employees... After your auction is complete, you'll be left with 100% pure profit in YOUR pocket.

The 2 things you MUST DO right from day one... or be stuck in "hobby-selling hell" forever!
The #1 step you MUST take before ever listing an auction on eBay. (This is absolutely critical to your understanding of starting a successful eBay business.)
The not-so-secret reason that eBay makes it SO easy for literally ANYONE to make lots of money using their system. (Even complete eBay "rookies" can start listing auctions and profiting in just an hour or so!)
The important steps to take as soon as your auction ends to ensure a smooth transaction -- and plenty of "positive feedback!"
3 stealth techniques for using eBay to drive swarms of highly targeted traffic to your existing web business (if you have one).
The secrets for using eBay to skyrocket the sales of a brick-and-mortar business. (Already have a retail store? You'll be amazed at how much MORE money you can make listing overstock, discontinued items, returned items, and leftovers on eBay!)

... And this barely scratches the surface!

"How To Find Out The *Exact* Products That Are The HOTTEST SELLERS On eBay...

... So You Can Guarantee Yourself

The BIGGEST Profits!"

Just because there are thousands of items being listed on eBay every day DOESN'T mean that the people selling them are making big money.

The truth is, most eBay sellers list items that -- quite frankly -- won't ever make them rich. Why? Because they don't know how to identify the "hot sellers" with the BIG profit margins.

Fortunately, once you know this priceless secret, you're virtually guaranteed to make far more money than 98% of all other eBay sellers...

And we'll show you exactly how to do it, including:

The answer to your BIGGEST question: What -- *exactly* -- should I sell on eBay... and how much profit should I expect to make?

How to easily discover what the HOTTEST products are on eBay right now -- without spending days wading through pages of old listings!

Our "Top Ten" secrets for generating your OWN product ideas -- and guaranteeing the maximum profits!

Question: Should I sell LOTS of low-priced items -- or just a few higher-priced ones? ANSWER: See page 68.
Why selling what everyone else is selling will NOT make you rich! (This is one of the BIGGEST reasons why new eBay-ers fail... We'll show you a better way!)
REVEALED: Our simple, three-step formula for identifying moneymaking eBay products -- guaranteed! (Just follow these three steps and you literally can't help but rake in profits hand over fist!)
Easy ways to legally "spy" on your eBay competitors -- and find out how much they've been selling their products for... for free!
The NEW way to find out what buyers want -- but aren't finding -- on eBay... and how to quickly source these products and start profiting from them immediately!
Five "hidden" eBay pages that will reveal a mountain of hot-selling products that your competition DOESN'T want you to know about!
How to "piggyback" on existing HOT products and make a fortune! (Hint: Don't sell the "hot" product... sell this!)

... And this barely scratches the surface of what you'll discover!

If you're ready to claim your $2.95 TRIAL now before all 100 packages are snapped up, click here now!

If you're not thrilled with my proven step-by-step "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" course, please just send it back within 30 days and pay nothing more!

"Where To Find In-Demand Products

That You Can Buy For Cheap...

... And Resell On eBay For Massive Profits!"

By now, just about everyone knows that thrift shops and flea markets are great places to find bargains that you can "flip" on eBay for a good profit.

In fact, SO many people know about this now... that it is getting difficult to find any "good stuff" at these places.

(I've actually heard of eBay sellers quitting their jobs to go work at their local thrift stores so they can snap up the bargains before anyone else gets the chance!)

The bottom line is that it is getting harder and harder to make good money reselling "garage sale"-type items on eBay. There are just too many people doing it...

And besides -- who the heck wants to spend 10 hours a day rummaging around thrift shops and garage sales anyway?

This is supposed to be *EASY* money, remember?

The people making REALLY big cash on eBay are the ones who have found cheap sources for in-demand products, and we tell you exactly how to do it!

(Heck, we even tell you about select sources who will not only sell product to you for next to nothing, they'll even warehouse it for you and ship it out to your buyers! How's THAT for a "hands-free" business?)

You'll discover:

The secret strategy you can use to acquire "surplus" inventory from HUGE companies for next to nothing -- and then sell on eBay for staggering profits!

How to use a little-known business model to have someone else take care of warehousing, packaging, and shipping your products for you. (All YOU have to do is watch the money come pouring into your bank account every month!)
How to source inexpensive products that you can quickly "flip" on eBay -- often tripling or quadrupling your profits!
The "let them come to you" method! (By using this simple strategy, you can virtually guarantee that suppliers with excess inventory will actually be calling and BEGGING you to take it off their hands -- for literally pennies on the dollar!)
How to negotiate the LOWEST price from any supplier -- no matter what they're selling and no matter if you've NEVER sold a thing on eBay before!

The biggest Deal-Killing Mistake you can make when talking to a supplier... and how YOU can avoid it!

Discover exactly WHO you should talk to within ANY company to get the best deal on surplus inventory! (HINT: Do NOT ask to speak with the president... the accountant... the warehouse manager... etc.)

... And MUCH more!

"Within the first month I started listing

products, I made nearly $1,000!"

"I started an eBay Store about a year ago, but got frustrated because I never sold any thing.

I let the store just sit there, paying for it, but not using it.

In the meantime, I opened a retail boutique for pets and people. I wanted to sell the same products on eBay too, but figured I wouldn't have any success like before.

But when I received an email from the Internet Marketing Center about their new eBay course, I decided to give eBay a second try.

I started just a couple of months ago, but the difference has been incredible.

After doing some research following your strategies, I chose to sell vintage jewelry in my eBay Store. And within the first month I started listing products, I made nearly $1,000!

Since then, I have been listing more products and I am determined to become a PowerSeller very soon. I am really encouraged by my quick results!

I have already recommended this program to friends and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a success on eBay. Thank you!"

-- Linda Maidani

Valrico, Florida

"I'm making over $800 per month... just

on plastic Barbie doll shoes alone!"

"After receiving your course, I listed my first product -- Barbie doll shoes -- and to my amazement, I received 11 bids on the very first day!

I was thrilled and immediately made two more listings.

Eventually that euphoria graduated to a new level of confidence and I began listing other items to increase my market, all to exhilarating success.

I'm now making over $800 per month on plastic Barbie doll shoes alone. And I have 356 feedback notes from happy customers -- 100% positive!

I feel fortunate to have found the IMC program. Every result I've achieved has been beyond amazing and exciting too.

Your endless step-by-step strategies, suggestions, and recommendations cannot be fully measured in monetary value.

If you have a good work ethic and you can follow basic instructions, IMC's eBay course will help you succeed."

-- Mary Ann Walsh

Tolland, Connecticut

"Just 2 weeks after starting my eBay business, I turned my household junk into HUNDREDS of dollars on eBay!"

"I had a shelf full of self-help books, audio courses and training manuals I'd collected over the last five years... junk I'd even been thinking of tossing it in the bin to clear some space.

Then, using all of my new skills from your eBay home study course, I decided to list them on eBay.

When my first auction went live, my heart rate went up! It was so much fun. I couldn't stop checking the auction to see how many bids I had! Talk about addictive!

Finally, the last 2 minutes of the auction arrived, and that item I was going to throw away sold for $110.05!

I'd just turned old junk into GOLD.

In the first two weeks after opening my eBay business, I turned my household junk into hundreds and hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Now, I'm making hundreds of dollars selling bits and pieces that I thought were useless junk. And I'm having buckets of fun and learning more than I could ever have imagined, in a very short time frame!

Because of IMC, I now have the knowledge and training to be able to create at least a million dollar a year income through my eBay business while still working from my home office.

All that, and I'm still only half way through my course!"

-- Amanda Clarkson

Surfer's Paradise, Australia

"How To Sell Your Services On eBay, And Take FREE Vacations While You're Doing It!"

Everyone's familiar with the concept of selling goods on eBay... but did you know it is also a great place to sell your services, too?

It's true! If you're an accountant... a freelance designer... a writer... a music teacher... or ANYONE with a service to offer, then you can sell your services on eBay for big profits!

There are a few key secrets that you'll need to know in order to make the most money, but once you know them, you'll likely be raking a lot more money than you're used to.

And here's a cool idea...

If you've got a week or so off work and you're looking for a fun way to make some extra money (and take a free vacation in the process), why not set up an auction advertising that you're available to drive someone's RV or luxury car down to Phoenix or Miami for them...

There are TONS of people who need vehicles relocated, and you'd be surprised how much they'll pay you to do it!

"How To Attract TONS of Bids And Make HUGE Profits On Every Single Item You List!"

Once you know the basics of selling on eBay AND where to find an endless supply of hot products that you can buy for cheap and sell for huge profits, you need to know how to attract lots of bids!

This is what separates the winners from the losers on eBay: Your ability to create lots and LOTS of interest in your listings!

"The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" System shows you dozens of tricks and loopholes that you can use to get your auction noticed and guarantee a virtual bidding frenzy on every item you list.

You'll learn:

The BEST listing type. Traditional auction? "Buy It Now" listing? Only ONE will guarantee you the best price for your products, and we'll show exactly how to decide which is right for YOUR business!

Why a low starting bid can (often) make you MORE money. (WARNING: There are certain cases where this strategy can backfire in a big way! We'll tell you how to choose the right starting bid for EVERY auction you list...)
Long or short auctions? (Many people will tell you that the longer you list your item for, the more money you'll make -- but they're often DEAD WRONG!)
How to maximize your profits using eBay's "Buy It Now" listing options. (There are special ways to set up a "Buy It Now" auction, and if you DON'T know these insider tips, you're NOT making as much cash as you could be from your listings!)
What day of the week (and what TIME of day) you should start and end your auction in order to guarantee your listing MAXIMUM exposure -- and generate the biggest profits for yourself.

Why you MUST include a picture with every single item you list on eBay. Even if you are selling something you can't actually see (like your accounting services, for example,) it is critical that you include an image with your listing. You're losing money if you don't!

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!


"Choosing WHERE to list your item on eBay!"

One of the BIGGEST reasons some people are never successful on eBay is that they are making one of SEVEN common listing mistakes!

FACT: If you list your auction in the WRONG category... or if you choose the WRONG type of listing (traditional auction or 'Buy It Now' auction)... then chances are you'll attract few -- if any -- bids on your product!

See pages 133-164 for detailed instructions on how to avoid these common pitfalls... and virtually guarantee that every single one of your auctions sells for BIG money.

If you're ready to scoop up this fool-proof eBay Wealth System for just $2.95 before someone else claims the LAST copy, click here now!

If you're not thrilled with my proven step-by-step "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" course, please just send it back within 30 days and pay nothing more!

"The Little-Known Secrets To Creating

STUNNING eBay Listings That

*Grab The Eyeballs* Of Eager Bidders!"

The TWO most important things you can do to make your auction stand out are to have a great title and a good-looking product shot.

These may sound like small details, but ask any successful eBay seller, and they'll tell you -- these are actually two of the BIGGEST pieces of the eBay success puzzle!

Inside the pages of "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay, " we reveal:

Little-known tricks for writing top-selling auction titles! (As few as one seller in 2,800 knows about these... and those who DO are the ones raking in the SERIOUS money on eBay.)

Four guaranteed ways to create a "standout" gallery image that will set your auction apart and get you more bids than your competitors.
The secret to avoiding "Lost Sales Syndrome"... and how to grab ALL of the eBay shoppers looking for your product -- no matter what they call it!
The Top-Secret 10-Step Formula for creating product descriptions that sell like crazy! (Once buyers click onto your auction, this 10-step formula practically guarantees that they'll place a bid!)
Copywriting for eBay. (Forget what you THOUGHT you knew about writing compelling sales messages... The rules on eBay are different -- and we'll tell you exactly what you need to know to turn your product descriptions into cold, hard cash -- fast!)

The top ten tips for creating perfect product images to enhance your product description and generate a flurry of bidding activity on every auction you list!

... Plus a TON more smoking hot tips!

"How To Easily Rake In Even MORE Cash By Establishing A *Glowing* Feedback Rating!"

Pretend for a moment that you were running an offline "brick and mortar" store.

Can you imagine how your business would be affected if you were required, by law, to post EVERY comment that you had received from a buyer -- both positive AND negative -- in a place where other buyers could see them?

Welcome to eBay's "feedback rating" system!

Every time you complete an auction, eBay invites the buyer to leave a brief comment about their experience with you. And they make ALL these comments available to ANYONE who wants to see them!

In other words, it is critically important to your success on eBay that you maintain an extremely positive "feedback rating."

You want to aim for AT LEAST 95% positive comments -- and closer to 99% or even 100% is better...

And we show you EXACTLY how to boost your sales while doing it:

How to "earn your stars" and encourage buyers to bid with confidence on anything you're selling. (Did you know eBay awards different "stars" to certain kinds of sellers? Everything you need to know is on Page 167.)

The FASTEST ways for eBay beginners to build up a mountain of positive feedback.
Straight talk about offering guarantees on eBay. Should you or shouldn't you? Is 30 days long enough, too long, or not long enough? Follow our simple guidelines and you'll have fewer hassles -- while making more sales!
Our guaranteed "Friendly Feedback Formula" -- and how to use it to generate nothing but rave reviews from your buyers!

How to have negative feedback you receive removed or "neutralized" by eBay to protect your reputation.

... Plus MUCH more!

"How To Eliminate 90% Of All eBay

Headaches By Setting Up Foolproof

Payment And Shipping Systems..."

The TWO things that people who are new to eBay are usually MOST intimidated by are:

1. Taking payments, and

Shipping products.

Now, I'll tell you straight up...

Payment and shipping CAN be the two biggest headaches about selling on eBay -- if you're not set up from the very beginning to take payment and ship products the RIGHT WAY!

Remember, "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" is based on the experience and wisdom of several eBay PowerSellers who have sold 1,000s and 1,000s of items worth HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars through eBay.

And the best part is that we tell you exactly how to do it, including:

The SINGLE most important thing you must do to guarantee that almost ALL of your transactions will be hassle-free -- and that you'll receive your money quickly!

The FASTEST, EASIEST way to accept credit card payments on eBay -- this is so easy, you'll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner!
Simple tricks for keeping your shipping and packing costs LOW -- so you can pocket maximum profits!
How to instantly increase your eBay sales by as much as 75%. (Try listing auctions WITHOUT this critical piece of payment and shipping information in place, and you'll settle for an embarrassing fraction of your rightful profits!)
The best ways to ship your products to winning bidders. (Shipping hassles are one of the biggest reasons why buyers leave negative feedback -- but these hassles are actually extremely easy to avoid... and we tell you how!)
How to have all of your eBay items packaged, shipped, and delivered FOR you -- without lifting a finger!

... And this is just for starters!

It's easy for new eBay sellers to make simple mistakes packing and shipping products that can result in "negative feedback" from buyers that permanently damages your reputation.

Keep your eBay feedback rating HIGH by following the simple but dependable secrets revealed in "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" system!

Attention: Existing Business Owners!

"Quickly And Easily Sell Your Overstock And Surplus For Massive Profits!"

If you already own a business (online OR offline, like your own retail store), then you'll be excited to hear that "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" system also shows you...

... How to use eBay to make BIG money selling excess stock, liquidation merchandise, returned or damaged items... just about anything you CAN'T sell through your retail location!

The secret lies in the fact that eBay is such a HUGE marketplace. Sure, the market for slightly damaged gardening tools might be pretty limited in your town...

But when you advertise those SAME 'unwanted' items to a global marketplace of 150 million people... you'll be amazed by how much money you can make!

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By now, you understand that we're talking about much more than just selling a couple of 'junk' items from your basement or garage. (Of course, you can do that, too ;-)

What we're talking about here is starting a REAL business, with a REAL income.

And that's why I think you'll be excited to know that, once you've mastered the five simple steps outlined above, it is not at all unreasonable to shoot for $100,000 or more during your very first year!*

But if you are serious about making HUGE money on eBay... $100,000... $250,000... even $500,000+ per year... there are some advanced eBay strategies that you'll *NEED* to know.

You'll discover highly advanced (and often unconventional) strategies to blast your eBay profits to the next level, including:

How to use a little-known feature to sell products to bidders who DIDN'T win your auction! (This ONE tactic can easily double or even triple your eBay sales -- instantly!)

Using eBay's powerful "Cross-Promotion" tools to sell MORE of your products to each and every person who bids on your auction!
How to use eBay to drive swarms of qualified buyers to your website. Hardly ANYONE knows this, but eBay can help you build a B-I-G opt-in list quickly and easily -- and you can then sell to that list again and again... without paying a cent in eBay fees!
The REAL secret to becoming an eBay millionaire: REPEAT BUSINESS. Most sellers think of each transaction as a one-time sale, but the wealthiest sellers know that the BIG money comes from repeat and recurring orders -- and we show you how!

How to use inexpensive eBay auctions as a powerful customer acquisition tool! (Most marketers don't know it, but eBay is one of the best ways to find new customers -- for cheap!)

An extremely simple-to-follow strategy for turning eBay "window shoppers" into paying customers!
The "dirty trick" that you can use to hijack your competitors' auctions!
How to get big-spending buyers to "bookmark" you as a "Favorite Seller" -- virtually guaranteeing a lifetime of repeat business!
The #1 Wasted eBay Resource! (eBay makes it easy for you to stand apart from the crowd -- yet many sellers don't bother to use this powerful feature!)
The classic marketing technique that is STILL unknown to most eBay sellers -- and how you can use this "old-time" secret to get winning buyers to send you MORE money than they bid! See Page 282 for detailed instructions!
How to pair eBay with e-mail marketing to create hundreds (or thousands) of new profit streams that just keep selling and selling -- forever!

... And that's just the beginning!

"It took me 1 MONTH to reach PowerSeller

status... and my monthly income keeps going just one way: UP!

"The IMC eBay course gave me the step-by-step plan, motivation, and confidence I needed to achieve my goal of leaving the corporate workforce.

I had just got a new boss, a complete moron, and I was really keen to start my own home-based business and leave this all behind me forever, including long traffic jams. :)

I decided to try selling on eBay to make some extra income while I was developing my website.

But I very quickly found out that eBay doesn't walk, it runs!

eBay is one of the only opportunities available, I believe, where you can be up and running a business in a very short time period.

It took me one month to reach PowerSeller status and my monthly revenue is just going one way: UP!

I learned everything that I needed to know from IMC to make a living on eBay, including a clear and trusted path to follow. And now I love my eBay business!

I can honestly say that deciding to do the IMC course was one of the best decisions of my life... it changed my life!

Goodbye Office! Goodbye Boss Forever!"

-- Kim Hodgson

Coolangatta, Australia

"That feeling I get when I see people in a bidding war on MY auction�

... Now THAT is addictive!"

"I had been a stay-at-home mom for a little over a year, and I'd always thought in the back of my mind that eBay would be a great way to earn money from home.

You hear about other people doing it every day, so why not me, right?

When I first started with the IMC eBay program, I had no business ideas, no plan on how to get started, and I hadn't even really bought anything off of eBay.

I just had a vague idea that I wanted to sell 'something' on eBay.

Today, I am still in the beginning stages of my eBay business, but my sales have been nothing short of phenomenal!

I hear people say how addictive it is to bid and buy on eBay, but that feeling I get when I see people in a bidding war on MY auction� Now THAT is addictive!

I can only attribute my achievements to the advice I have received on how to create and optimize my ads.

I have recently received my first supply of stock specifically to sell on eBay. In fact, the picture included here is of my daughter and me receiving the shipment. My husband took it for posterity.

Now I know that I can do ANYTHING with my eBay business and be successful.

If you're genuinely interested in making money on eBay and you want to accelerate the learning process (and save time and money), stop wasting your time thinking about it and get this course ASAP!!"

-- Heather Anderson

Vancouver, Washington

"I listed some pet products I bought at a local outlet store... and sold ALL of them for TWICE the price I paid for them!"

"Before your eBay program, I'd been selling books and other household items I no longer wanted on eBay, and had been making around $37 per month.

Now, I'm still selling the same type of items but my sales have risen substantially in the last 3 months alone!

And here's a personal victory for me...

I listed some pet products that I bought at a local outlet store and sold them on eBay for twice the price I paid for them, and sold all of them within 10 days!

I've learned a ton about how to use free listing services to spice up my eBay listings for no additional cost.

And I now spend less time listing my auctions because of the automation strategies you've taught me.

I intend on using all the techniques I have learned for the months to come so that one day I will no longer have to continue working a part-time job.

This program can work for anyone SERIOUSLY wanting to be an online success!"

-- Louanne Hall

Powder Springs, Georgia

Advanced eBay Traffic Secrets:

"Techniques For Driving 1,000's Of Qualified Bidders To YOUR Auction Listings!"

Not one in a thousand eBay sellers knows the super-stealth secrets that you'll have access to with "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" system...

My experts begged me not to say TOO much on this subject on this page (they don't want anyone "guessing" their secrets) -- but here's what I CAN tell you.

You'll discover:

How eBay's internal "search engine" works -- and how you can 'legally' manipulate it to drive TONS of traffic to your auction!

How to use the Big Three search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) to drive traffic to your auctions!
The little-known "backdoor" method of slashing your eBay fees by 75% -- instantly!
Using blogs to send buyers to your auction. (Almost NOBODY is doing this -- yet! Get started today BEFORE this stealth tactic gets "discovered" by the masses!)

... And MUCH more!

"How to *SET AND FORGET* your

eBay business with 'hands-free' automation...

... So you can make money while you shop for groceries, go to a movie, or even while you sleep!"

In "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" system, I'm also going to show you how to automate your eBay business so you can make money while you sleep!

You'll discover...

  1. The inexpensive way to have eBay track all of your sales, bids, and statistics for you -- so that you can focus on making your auctions as PROFITABLE as possible.

  2. The eight eBay-sponsored tools (and eight third-party programs) that almost eliminate boring eBay administrative chores -- instantly!

  3. The TEN critical elements that you should test on your auctions to double... triple... even quadruple your sales!

... and much, much more!

"Even MORE Advanced Selling Strategies..."

Before we go any further, there's something I should tell you...

In this step-by-step eBay profits system, I'm also going to reveal some extremely unconventional (but still ethical) eBay selling methods -- as well as a number of our most confidential sources for acquiring very inexpensive products.

I can't go into too much detail here, but here's an example of what you'll learn...

The insider secrets to "buying smart" and guaranteeing yourself a hefty profit on nearly every auction you list! (You better hope your BIGGER competitors NEVER find out about this one...)

How to open a wildly successful eBay "drop-off store" where people bring YOU their treasures! All you do is list these items on eBay for them, and take a BIG cut of the final selling price!
How to use eBay to discover if your item will sell -- before you even list it!
How to avoid "American Idol Syndrome" by carefully planning your auctions -- right down to the minute!
The one time of year when you MUST use "Buy It Now" auctions in order to *dramatically* increase your turnover -- and your profits!
The "magic number" that most eBay millionaires use to create bidding frenzies... on just about any auction they list!

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

"Want to make even MORE money?"

Once you've started putting serious cash into your bank account using eBay, you'll be excited to know that there are literally hundreds of other auction sites out there, like:

  • Amazon Auctions



Armed with the advanced strategies you've already mastered on eBay, it'll be quick and easy for you to start making even MORE money by listing your auctions with these sites too!

This is what I like to call a "no-brainer..." It's an extremely simple way to make a dramatic impact on your bottom line... with almost no effort!

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"Use This ENTIRE System And All Of My Hottest Strategies For A Small Fraction Of What It Cost My Team Of Experts To Develop!"

Most of the so-called eBay experts are "wanna-bes" -- they either sell really expensive products... one type of specialty product... or they had ONE BIG success and then started selling their story.

Sure, if you want to sell expensive SATELLITES or CARS on eBay, they might be a good source of information.

But how can you transfer that knowledge to *other* product categories -- like kids' toys, clothing, antiques, jewelry, etc.?

And even if you're lucky enough to FIND a wildly success eBay seller -- convincing them to share their secrets is next to impossible!

Nobody wants to reveal how they're doing it, because they're scared YOU will steal their business.

That's why it took me six months of negotiations and TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in consulting fees to convince THREE top eBay PowerSellers to join my staff, reveal their secrets, and mentor my clients.

But let me tell you -- it was well worth the money and hassle!

"Peek inside the HUGE package I'm

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Using the exact same step-by-step system my team of eBay PowerSellers have used to build wildly profitable eBay businesses, we've created the most complete eBay marketing SYSTEM -- *ever*!

When you claim your copy of the "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" SYSTEM, you get...

with all of our most profitable strategies laid out in careful, step by step detail.

PLUS, you get ...

  • A 8" x 11" full-color three ring binder.

  • 6 steps broken down into 30 lessons with step-by-step instructions and Action Plans included for every promotion and strategy.

  • A total of 339 pages, with tab inserts to keep you organized.

  • A full-color, poster-size business plan chart to help you visualize the process of starting your business, set goals, and track your progress!

Here's a picture of what I will be shipping you:

As I'm sure you can imagine, many of these strategies took years of blood, sweat, and tears to perfect -- and cost thousands in research and testing...

... So it's difficult to put a value on the secrets they share here, but I'm sure you'll agree -- it's EASILY worth $5,000... even as much as $10,000.

So you may be thinking I've attached a HEFTY price tag to this package.

After all, it cost me TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in consulting fees (and legal agreements up to my EYEBALLS!) to get these strategies to you.

But we've agreed that a reasonable investment for this SYSTEM is just $197.00... enough to prevent "tire kickers" from diluting the value of this information... but still reasonable for those serious about starting a highly profitable eBay business.


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If you're excited about starting your very own eBay business using my PROVEN eBay System, then you're going to be astonished by what we're about to do next...

Since we want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success on eBay -- we've decided to give away a Bonus 'Toolbox' of FOUR SUPER BONUSES -- yours absolutely FREE:

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Once you scoop your copy of the "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" system, you'll receive unprecedented, UNLIMITED access to our exclusive eBay PowerSeller Online Resources Center!

Here, you'll have our complete library of interactive eBay resources at your fingertips -- all developed by my team of eBay PowerSellers to help you ramp up your eBay business quickly and easily!

You'll receive...

Your eBay Online Resource Center!

The 'HOT Product Finder' Action Plan -- A fool proof worksheet that will walk you through precisely how to zero in and research potentially HOT products on eBay! Simply print it off, fill it in, and keep this invaluable tool on your desk to organize your research!

The 'Advanced Product Research' System -- When you're ready, download this PowerSeller-designed spreadsheet that'll help you do more in-depth tracking of products you've marked as potential inventory...

... PLUS, it automatically calculates the ratio of "supply and demand" for you -- so you can always be sure you'll be investing your time and money in a SCORCHING HOT eBay seller!

The 'Blow Your Competitors Out Of The Water' Worksheet -- Keeping tabs on your competition is an important part of of starting and growing your own successful eBay business.

With these 2 easy-to-follow worksheets, you'll be able to laser in and analyze your competitors in the blink of an eye -- so you can make sure your customers stay YOUR customers!

TWO PowerSeller Master Lists of Wholesalers, Liquidators, and Drop Shippers -- Rich eBay sellers will tell you that tracking down reliable suppliers is KEY to getting your hands on tons of products you can sell online for MAXIMUM profit... But it takes 1,000s of hours to track these sources down!

Don't worry -- we've persuaded our eBay experts to include these two Master Lists for you... so you can save the countless hours it would have taken you to source this information out for yourself!

A Series of Killer "About me" Page Samples -- In Lesson 22 of our eBay system, you'll discover what your "About me" page is and how... if set up properly... you can use it to drive your eBay sales through the CEILING!

But to make sure you can use this stealth eBay profits tip to your advantage, we've included TWO successful "About Me" pages that reveal how eBay sellers are using them to EXPLODE their eBay businesses... so you can model your page after them and do the same!

The 'Ultimate Listing Description' Dossier -- What cosmic force causes one auction listing get passed over time and time again, while another listing of the exact same item attracts bids like HOT CAKES? It's all in the listing description!

Display this list of "newbie" listing blunders by your computer and check it every time you list your items... then sit back and watch as YOUR auctions whip eBay drive shoppers into a bidding frenzy!

... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

You'll find a TON more resources, action plans, and worksheets you can download and use again and again to reap maximum sales on eBay... waiting for you right NOW in the Online Research Center!

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An eBook that reveals the steps to writing a compelling listing description -- and it's yours to sell on eBay for however much you like... and YOU keep 100% of the profits!

Selling an "information product" (or eBook) is a GREAT way to start building your reputation as a reliable seller on eBay.

They're easy to list, free to reproduce, and a snap to automate so your auction sells over and over again.

So to help you rack up positive feedback as quickly as possible, this eBook is delivered to you along with:

  1. A tutorial on how to set up an eBay listing to sell the eBook, and

  2. A "landing page" where your customers can download their copy!

You can write your listing as you see fit and charge whatever price you wish. (All we ask is that your price be more than 99 cents!)

But that's not all...

Every time someone buys this eBook from you, you also have the opportunity to earn a GENEROUS commission ... so generous that if just four of your buyers go on to purchase our "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" system for themselves, you'll have paid for your whole course!

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When you receive your "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" package (which can be in your hands in as little as 5-7 business days), you'll find we've included our 5-part Multimedia Action System ...

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BONUS DISK 1: "Derek Gehl's Proven Formula for Success In The World's Biggest Marketplace -- eBay!"

In this 60-minute DVD, watch as I reveal the secrets to scoring BIG money on eBay based on the principles of direct marketing... these are the same strategies that helped me rake in over $20 Million in online sales last year alone!

BONUS DISK 2: The PowerSeller Habits That Will Make Your eBay Business Instantly Profitable!"

You'll want to have your pen and paper ready when you listen to this 1 hour audio interview between me and an eBay PowerSeller! Learn how to create a bullet proof eBay business plan -- and crack the secret to making a PROFIT right from the start!

BONUS DISK 3: "Quick-Start Videos: Our eBay Specialists Teach You The Basics And Get You Set Up Fast!"

Get your hands on these 3 Quick-Start video tutorials recorded by two top eBay PowerSellers, and learn how to FAST TRACK finding hot products to sell, setting up your first auction, and opening your very own eBay Store!

BONUS DISK 4: "The Ultimate eBay Seller's Rolodex of Must-Have Tools, Links, and Resources!"

You could spend countless hours trying to find the suppliers, specific tools, and resources you need to succeed on eBay... Or, you could save yourself the frustration and use this invaluable PowerSeller rolodex instead!

BONUS DISK 5: "Successful eBay Sellers Reveal the secrets They Use To Profit!"

Delve into this data disk and get your hands on detailed "case studies" of THREE wildly profitable eBay businesses... so you can learn the secrets to their success -- and mimic, model, and outright "steal" their most profitable marketing strategies and apply them to YOUR business!

... And this is just a TASTE of the blockbuster eBay information you'll be siphoning off these FIVE disks!

"A Desktop Calender Of Daily

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Now, you can start every day off with a new eBay PowerSeller "Insider Secret" that will help you ramp up your eBay business!

Flip the pages of this handy desktop calender, and you'll discover tips like...

How to save yourself from spending too much time answering questions from potential bidders! (page 3)

The stupid simple secret to attracting 16% MORE bids than your competitors! (page 7)
Little-known salescopy tactics you can use to create an irresistible listing title! (page 13)

A stealth PowerSeller strategy you can use to protect yourself from negative feedback! (50% of eBay sellers DON'T know this!) (page 19)

... Plus TONS more!

REMEMBER: Each laser-sharp tip is based on the real-world experience of our team of eBay experts who have guided over 1,254 mentoring clients to wildly profitable eBay businesses!

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I will personally write you a check for $200 -- in addition to a 100% refund of your purchase price.

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"When we began our eBay program a month ago, I had no previous experience on eBay, none in marketing, nor in marketing research.

I didn't know how to get a successful business going, and had no idea how to plan for one.

I just had a dream, a strong desire to succeed... and a paralyzing fear of failure.

Today, I've established a solid presence on eBay, obtaining a 100% positive feedback score. I can also continue building positive feedback at any time using your strategies.

With a little research, the first item I listed (with a simplicity that still amuses me) sold for 170% more than I was hoping for, and it was a great deal for the buyer as well.

Our second listing sold for 105% of the average selling price on eBay -- in one of the top 10 most competitive eBay categories!

While I've enjoyed many successes in my career, I've never progressed this far this fast. My eBay business has been profitable from the start, and words cannot describe the fun I've had in the process. It's been quite a ride!

Undeniably, this has been the best investment in time and money I've put into pursuing my 10-year dream of achieving financial independence."

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Windsor, Ontario

"There is no doubt in my mind that I will have one of the BIGGEST businesses on eBay in a very short time..."

"When I started out with your course, I was as skeptical as they come.

I had no business ideas, but what I DID have was a love for canoeing, camping, and the outdoors.

In your program, you showed me how to put all this knowledge together on eBay, in my own business. WOW!!! Amazing!!!

Your knowledge of eBay is simply outstanding. You have taught me the ins and outs of selling on eBay and have given me so many great tips and encouragement along the way.

Best of all, I've had so much fun learning and researching!

There is no doubt in my mind that I will have one of the biggest businesses on eBay in a very short time.

Thank you to all of you at the Internet Marketing Center for helping me begin to realize my dreams of never having to work for some one else again.

I would recommend your program to anyone who has a desire to be all they want to be and more. Thanks again, you are the best!"

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Orange, Massachusetts

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"I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANKS for your excellent eBay program.

When I started a few months back, I thought that maybe if I was lucky I could earn a few extra pounds per month and fill my back pocket with a bit more spending money.

Now, I'm beginning to think it won't be too long before I pack in my office job and start doing eBay full time!

Today I'm averaging roughly �2,500 per month within just a few months of following your program, and my income keeps increasing as I add more listings.

This has been absolutely fantastic for me and I can't believe how far I've come considering I started out with pretty much nothing.

I already own the largest eBay Store in several categories that's being looked at by hundreds of people every day... Amazing!

One day, I woke up and found I'd received orders for nearly �1,000 from North America, Spain, New Zealand and South Africa. That's when it really hit me that I'm doing business internationally!

Nothing beats the feeling I get seeing my PayPal balance increasing every day.

This course has made me believe I CAN fulfill my dream of owning and running my own successful business and I am almost practically there. I would never have been able to do all this myself."

-- Humayun Miah

London, UK

"How To Start Your Own BOOMING eBay Business In The Next 5 Minutes -- Risk Free!"

The bottom line is this:

eBay levels the playing field for ANYONE to start a wildly profitable Internet business.

Without any start-up capital or technical know-how, even a complete newbie can make a profit in less than 48 hours!

(My eBay experts have seen it time and time again!)

With over 2 million visitors each day who spend over $86,000,000 per day (that's over $1,000 in sales per second), eBay is arguably the most concentrated source of qualified buyers for just about any product imaginable.

The challenge is... learning the eBay selling strategies that make the difference between making a couple of hundred dollars from your auctions -- and making HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars per year!

And that's why I'm so excited about our "Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay" System.

Finding seasoned eBay PowerSellers who are willing to share every technique, tip, and strategy they've used to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE their income using eBay was HARD!

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However, I do know that the three PowerSellers I've paid TENS of THOUSANDS in consulting fees to have built WILDLY profitable eBay businesses using the SAME strategies revealed in these comprehensive guidebooks, reports, and audio interviews!

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