Black Forest Cuckoo Clock 17 Inch Schneider - Cuckoo Clocks
Black Forest Cuckoo Clock 17 Inch Schneider - Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock 17 Inch Schneider - Cuckoo Clocks

Description of Black Forest Cuckoo Clock 17 Inch Schneider - Cuckoo Clocks

The intricate details of the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Chalet with Animated Blacksmith, Dancers, Stork and Water-Wheel by Schneider make it an instant treasure in any home. Crafted from quality wood with an antique finish, this clock features such charming elements as a rustic mill wheel, hammer-swinging blacksmith, delicate shuttered windows, and a family of storks perched above the chimney. The weight-wound movement controls the hands on a dial of Roman numerals, sounding the cuckoo every thirty minutes, while a group of dancers twirl hourly to music. Complete with a manual nighttime silencing option, this beautiful piece requires winding every eight days.

About Anton Schneider Artisan and craftsman Anton Schneider began producing cuckoo clocks from his German farmhouse in 1848. Based on those humble beginnings, the Schneider legacy has lasted for six generations, and their clocks are just as beautiful and carefully crafted as they were back then. Known for their love of detail combined with old world handicraft skills, the highly skilled artisans at Schneider labor to produce clocks that are works of art as well as functional timepieces. With a dedicated staff of specialized workers, the Schneider factory based in the heart of the Black Forest is one of the most popular producers of classic cuckoo clocks in the world today.

Schneider cuckoo clocks are still hand-crafted with the same methods used by Anton Schneider back in 1848. Each clock is made from seasoned, carefully selected Black Forest Linden wood, then put through rigorous quality control inspections. Each clock includes a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Discover Black Forest Cuckoo Clock 17 Inch Schneider - Cuckoo Clocks  Black Forest Cuckoo Clock 17 Inch Schneider - Cuckoo Clocks

About the Black Forest region The Black Forest region of Germany is a wooded range of mountains in the southwest part of the country. Bordered by the Rhine valley, this beautiful region has been known for its production of classic cuckoo clocks since the mid 1700s. The "bird call" feature that makes cuckoo clocks famous is said to have originated in the Black Forest area. Today, the region is home to some of the finest clockmakers in the world, including makers of classic wood cuckoo clocks like Anton Schneider. Clocks in this region are often still produced with handicraft methods of centuries gone by.

  • Carved wood clock with antique stain
  • 8-day musical movement with weighted winding
  • Optional manual nighttime shut-off option
  • Cuckoo sounds every thirty minutes
  • Group of dancers twirl around to music every hour
  • 17.3H x 15.0W x 10.2D inches


Black Forest Cuckoo ClocksBlack Forest Cuckoo ClocksShop online for Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. A Black Forest Cuckoo Clock makes a Great House Warming, Birthday and Christmas Gift. Buy Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Natural Wood House with Moving Wood Chopper and Music by Schneider is an heirloom wall clock that will enhance any home; Hand-carved in the magnificent Black Forest tradition of Germany, this distinctive timepiece depicts a quaint forest cottage complete with carefully crafted animated wood chopper.